In 1762 William and Mary Draper Ingles established Ingles Ferry at a spot on the New River between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. It was the beginnings of a commercial center. Then in 1796, an enterprising settler built a tavern on the stagecoach route. The tavern was called Lovely Mount and also included a general store and blacksmith shop. Rich in character, beauty and heritage, the City of Radford offers great opportunities for travelers to discover today.



Glencoe Museum

600 Unruh Drive, Radford, Virginia

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Glencoe, built in 1875, is the historic dwelling of Civil War General Gabriel Wharton and home of the Glencoe Museum and Gallery. The museum interprets the history of Southwest Virginia, highlighting the contributions of the Native Americans, early settlers, industries, educational institutions, businesses, local artisans and handicrafts, as well as topics of local interest. One of the most important collections on display is a group of Native American artifacts uncovered at Radford’s important prehistoric village, known as the Trigg site.